Air Pressure Regulators

Modern air pressure regulators, also called manometers, may also incorporate a water trap / water filter.
This is a feature of the AFR200 pressure regulator.
Most air pressure regulators / water traps also have a pressure gauge dial showing measurements in psi and bar.
A pressure regulator screws directly on to the air outlet of an air compressor and is essential as it controls the air pressure being delivered to the airbrush.
A water trap is highly recommended as water vapour is not only present in the everyday air but is also produced when you place through a mechanical process such as pressurising it.
Water will cause many issues with paint if not removed from the air supply.

Mini In Line Air Filters

Mini in line air filters are also available and can be connected to the airbrush male air inlet valve.
The air hose then attached to the male air inlet of the mini in line air filter.
Although not essential they provide a secondary defence against water vapour if used in conjunction with a main pressure regulator / water trap.

Types Of Airbrush Compressors

Oil Filter – a device for removing oil from the pressurised air (many of the airbrush compressors are now of an oil-less design)

Diaphragm Compressor

The compression of air occurs through the use of a flexible membrane which oscillates. Maximum pressure output is in the region of 40PSI.

Piston Compressor

The piston compressor is the most common choice for airbrushing. It is usually more powerful than a diaphragm compressor and produces a higher volume of air.
Piston compressors operate at relatively low noise levels, however, these noise levels vary between manufacturers.

Piston compressors are available as either single or twin piston models.
The twin piston model is able to compress a greater volume of air and usually to higher pressures.
BARTSHARP Airbrush® compressors are also oil free which negates the need for an oil filter and ensures that the painting medium is not contaminated.

Airbrush Compressor With Tank Electric Fan Airbrush Compressor Kit

Airbrush Compressors & Motor Sizes

The size of the compressors electric motor may vary between manufacturers.
The most widely available compressors are driven by a 1/6th horse power motor.

BARTSHARP Airbrush® compressors are driven by a larger 1/6th horse power motor and also have an inbuilt electric cooling fan.
The AC04 (twin piston model) is driven by a 1/4 horse power motor.

All BARTSHARP Airbrush® compressors, and many other models, have an auto on / auto off function.
The required air pressure is set by the user via the pressure regulator.
A sensor on the compressor then automatically starts or stops the motor. This is commonly referred to as “supply on demand”.

The auto start auto stop function also increases the life of the compressor as it is not always pumping which may lead to the unit becoming overheated and premature wear.

Compressors with an air storage tank will increase the time that the compressor remains off.

This will also means a general reduction in noise and running costs.

All BARTSHARP Airbrush® compressors have a safety auto thermal cut off.

Most piston driven airbrush compressors are pulse free which makes them ideal for applications where detail and control are a must.

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