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About BARTSHARP Airbrush

BARTSHARP Airbrush was established in 2013 to provide airbrush supplies together with associated items. We supply everything airbrush; quality products with affordability and underpinned with, we are regularly told, exceptional customer service.

We have taken the needs of our customers and translated them into affordable quality products and now offer our own BARTSHARP Airbrush range of Compressors, Airbrush Spray Booths & Airbrushes.

BARTSHARP Airbrush will, simply, fulfil your airbrush online needs!

We can assist those, new to the hobby of airbrushing, with help and advice regarding selection of airbrushes, airbrush starter kit / airbrush set and also with issues regarding airbrush troubleshooting.

Customers rightly demand that their air brush kit includes everything that they need to start.  

We hold a large stock of all air brush spares including: replacement needles, nozzles, nozzle caps, needle caps and spare parts for our range of air brushes. In short we hold all of your air brush supplies!

BARTSHARP Airbrush can also supply you a complete air brush set. Content will depend upon actual set selected but may include: airbrush, airbrush hose, spare needle, nozzle and nozzle cap. We would also be delighted to supply you with an airbrush kit with compressor.

All of the airbrushes, that we stock, are fully compatible with our range of BARTSHARP Airbrush compressors.

Our airbrushes are suitable for use with a wide range of airbrush paint, airbrush stencils, frisket film and masking tape.

BARTSHARP Airbrush is an authorised stockist for Iwata Airbrush. We offer some of the most competitively priced and recommended air brushes by Iwata. Including the Iwata Neo Airbrush, Iwata Revolution Airbrush, Iwata HP-C Airbrush, Iwata Kustom Micron CM Airbrush with MAC valve, Iwata Kustom CS Airbrush and Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus V2 Airbrush also with MAC valve.

Iwata: simply the best airbrush!

Our range of standard needles and nozzles will also fit the Iwata Neo Airbrush.

The BARTSHARP Airbrush range of compressors, sometimes referred to as mini compressors, continues to receive fantastic reviews. The BARTSHARP Airbrush compressor range is produced for us by an industry leader which also manufactures compressors for the leading names in the industry.

The AC01 is our introduction air brush compressor. It operates at below 50db and, although not a silent compressor, it is part of a range, specifically selected by us, because of it’s very low noise level. This makes the AC range a compressor for airbrush users demanding quality, reliability and low noise. Chose one of the AC range as your air compressor knowing that it is backed by a one year warranty and is compatible with all airbrushes.

BARTSHARP Airbrush offers compressors with or without an air tank.

BARTSHARP Airbrush is determined to ensure that you also have access to a comprehensive range of air brush supplies and accessories.

We hold UK based stock ready for immediate shipping and will try to ensure that your order is dispatched same day.

Our accessories includes: cutting mats, airbrush holder range, side feed and spare glass jars, air hose range, replacement o rings, air hose connectors, quick release couplers, magnification eye wear, ultrasonic cleaners, airbrush cleaning needles, airbrush cleaning brushes, airbrush wash needles, airbrush cleaning pots, mini air filters and air regulator water traps etc……..

BARTSHARP also has a range of airbrush portable spray booth options. We stock three model variants, SB01, SB03 & SB04, all of which will remove a large amount of air from the work space. All are supplied with a turntable and filter. We have models which also come with AN extraction hose and LED lights.

Again, we hold spares and accessories so that you will never be left with a unit that can not be used.

We know that you will be impressed by our products. The only thing that beats them is our customer service!