Airbrush Accessories

We hold a huge range of airbrush accessories; please click on any of the links below.

Airbrush Paint Jars

Our airbrush paint jars are made from glass with a plastic screw fit lid. Each jars hold 22cc and available in various models.

Side feed paint jar - suitable for 133 and 134 airbrush models. The jar has a plastic screw fit lid with metal paint delivery tube which has a 90 degree bend. This tube fits into the side of the airbrush and is held firmly in position by a nut which tightens onto the airbrush.

Push fit paint jars - suitable for 128 and 129 airbrush models. The jar has a plastic screw fit lid with a straight metal paint delivery tube which push fits into the underside of the airbrush.

The above jars are not airtight as they have a pinhole in the lid to prevent a vacuum building within the jar which would prevent paint flow.

Spare jars - The jars have a plastic screw fit lid which are airtight. This makes them ideal for storage of airbrush paint, airbrush thinners etc. The glass jars can be fitted with the lids from the side feed and push fit jars making them fully interchangeable.


Airbrush Quick Disconnects

An airbrush quick disconnect is also referred to as a quick release coupler. It has 1/8th BSP fitting as each end - 1/8th is approximately 6.35mm in diameter whilst BSP denotes British Standard Pipe (thread pitch and type).

1/8BSP is the most common size of type of thread used with airbrushes and airbrush accessories.

The quick disconnect has a nippie which connects to the airbrush air inlet. The other end of the quick disconnect is screwed into the air hose.

When the small spring loaded collar, on the quick disconnect, is pulled back it releases the nippie section which is attached to the airbrush.

Air is automatically stopped when the nippie is disconnected.

The nippie simply push fits back into the quick disconnect body and, automatically, allows the air to flow again.


Air Pressure Regulator & Mini Air Filter

An air pressure regulator, with water trap, is possibly one of the most essential airbrush accessories as it sets the pressure of the air being delivered to the airbrush whilst also removing airborne contaminants and water vapour.

Placing air through a mechanical process produces heat and water vapour. If water vapour is not removed from the air then it may contaminate the painting medium.

A mini air filter is often used in conjunction with an air pressure regulator water trap. It provides as secondary line of defence against water vapour whilst also making the holding position of the airbrush a little more comfortable.

The mini air filter has 1/8th BSP fittings at both ends and screw fits to the airbrush air inlet and air hose outlet.


Airbrush Holders

We have a fantastic range of airbrush holders which can be fitted directly to the air pressure regulator, clamped to a counter edge or free standing.


Model Holder

The model holder is an excellent airbrush accessory as it provides an extra pair of hands to firmly hold your work in place whilst leaving your hands free to airbrush or perform other work.

It has 6 spring loaded clips attached to fully flexible rods which means that they can be set in almost any position.


Airbrush Air Hoses

Our range of airbrush air hoses is extensive and include all of the end fittings most commonly used for airbrushing and with airbrush accessories - 1/8 BSP, 1/4 BSP

They are available in 1.8m or 3m and have a tough outer braiding to protect against abrasion and other forms of wear.

Some are available with airbrush quick disconnects permanently fixed and offer savings as compared to the items if purchased separately.


Air Hose Splitter & Manifolds

We stock either 2 or 3 way air hose splitter manifolds which screw directly onto the 1/8 BSP male air outlet of an air pressure regulator.

Each outlet, on the splitter, is 1/8 BSP male and onto which the air hoses fit.


Cutting Mats

Our "self healing" cutting mats are top quality as they are made from 3 bonded layers of material with a cut resistant inner core.

Each cutting mat has a printed measuring grid on one side and varying shapes and angles on the other.

A2, A3, A4 & A5 sizes always in stock.


Tweezers & Tweezers Sets

Tweezers and Tweezers Sets are essential airbrush accessories if you are completing scale model work through to general crafting and cake decoration.

Our top performing tweezers are suitable for precision work and are also anti magnetic and highly corrosion resistant.



This screwdriver set comes in a small storage box and contains all of the heads that are most commonly needed and those that are required for working on mobile phones, the kit also includes a prise bar for the removal of mobile phone backs etc.


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