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Are you looking to get started in airbrushing but just don't know where to begin?

We are here to help you with free advice to help you understand the basics, which can be quite overwhelming!

Please take a little time to read through our user guides as these will help you understand how to use an airbrush, how they work and the common words and phrases used to describe them.


Airbrushes And Associated Terminology Explained


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BARTSHARP Airbrush® will help you to select the airbrush which is right for you and your particular needs.

We have a huge selection of airbrushes within our BARTSHARP Airbrush® range, all backed by a one year warranty and massive stock of spares and accessories.

Our range, which continually receives outstanding airbrush reviews, includes: dual action airbrush, gravity feed airbrush, siphon feed airbrush and single variable action airbrush.

We also have a fantastic selection of airbrushes which are of an airbrush gun design, also referred to as an airbrush pistol.

These are particularly suited as an airbrush for beginners as they provide a pistol style holding position and have a simple to use single variable action.

As a leading airbrush company we have an unbeatable selection of different types of airbrush kit and airbrush equipment. We are airbrush UK and everything airbrush!

The BARTSHARP Airbrush 130 is an excellent introductory model which will give you outstanding results as your go to airbrush for models, airbrush for cakes, airbrush for custom paint work and when you need to airbrush face paint.

If you are seeking a more advanced airbrush then the BARTSHARP Airbrush 180 and BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 are undoubtedly what you need if you don't want to pay the prices associated with products from airbrush Iwata.

The above airbrushes are capable of incredibly detailed work and also have a micro control value for the ultimate in fingertip air control.

These airbrushes are a fantastic choice for those looking to airbrush warhammer figures and achieve the highest finish level without the high ticket cost of one of the top branded airbrushes.

As an authorised stockist, for airbrush Iwata, we probably have the best prices available.