Airbrush Compressor & Compressor Kit

You have probably spent hours looking for "airbrush compressor ebay" or "airbrush compressor uk"

and ended up with hundreds of results for sellers offering the commonly available AS186 airbrush compressor?

If you drill in to the sellers you will find that almost all of them actually have their "business" based in China!

Does it seem like everyone is selling this type of airbrush compressor and you are left wondering if there is a better choice?


Are you left asking yourself, what is the best airbrush compressor?

We are certain that you are looking for an airbrush compressor which is not only reliable but out performs the drab grey airbrush compressor AS186?

We believe that our range of BARTSHARP Airbrush Compressors is just what you have been looking for and the right choice for your airbrushing needs.

How can we be so sure that we have got this right?

Simply because we didn't get it right to start off with.

Like everyone else we, initially, stocked the airbrush compressor AS186. We have, and always will, hand test every airbrush compressor before dispatch to our customer.

This is were the problems started as we found the AS186 compressor to be noisy and very unreliable, often not getting to pressure and with some not even auto shutting off.

We ended up with a large number of compressors that we were not prepared to send out to our customers as they were not reliable nor did they offer value for money.

They ended up being scrap and we learnt our lesson.


How have we now got it right?

We spent a great deal of time sourcing another manufacturer and testing products.

Our AC range of compressors are now manufactured for us under our trademark name "BARTSHARP" and perform to the highest standard.

They are built to a higher quality, are less noisy and have an inbuilt electric cooling fan.


The BARTSHARP Airbrush AC01, AC02 and AC03 airbrush compressor models are driven by a single oil-less piston which is powered by a 1/6th horse power motor with inbuilt electric cooling fan.

The AC04 model is powered by twin oil-less pistons and a whopping1/4 horse power motor. This model has two electric cooling fans.

Yes, the AC range of airbrush compressors costs a few pounds more than the AS186 model but, quite simply, they are better.

If you have been looking for an airbrush compressor 30psi then the AC range of airbrush compressor will surpass you expectations.

Even the AC01 model, which is the most portable airbrush compressor as it has no tank, provides compressed air to 49PSI at 23-25 L/p/m.

Other 40 psi airbrush compressors just can not match this.


The AC04 airbrush compressor, with it's twin oil-less pistons, can provide up to 35L/p/m at pressures above 60 psi.

If you are searching for an "airbrush compressor quiet" then the AC range of airbrush compressors is for you, all perform at under 49db.

For the money, they really are the quietest airbrush compressor.


The AC02 and AC03 airbrush compressor tank size is 3 litres, whilst the AC04 has a 3.5 litre capacity.

The AC04 is the go to airbrush compressor for t-shirts as it provides the required psi levels to achieve proper atomisation, in paints with larger pigments,

and the power to drive the paint into the material for deep colour and saturation.


BARTSHARP Airbrush® offers the best selection of airbrush compressor kit uk.

We have a fantastic range of models, available with various airbrushes.


If you would like your own specific airbrush compressor kit putting together then please contact us and we will sort it!

If you are starting out then we will pleased to help you select the appropriate items for your beginner airbrush kit with compressor.

We will only sell you the items which will be suited to you particular needs.


We have items which are specifically put together as an airbrush compressor kit for cake decoration.

These sets include airbrushes with our new larger design airbrush nozzle and nozzle cap which are not only easier to handle and clean but can also be fitted with a 0.8mm needle set up.

Poor flow and clogging of medium is often the pain suffered by many cake decorators.

The new larger design nozzle and nozzle cap will help you to avoid this.


Our hobby airbrush kit with compressor will meet the exacting needs of any model maker.

Almost all of our airbrushes can be fitted with a 0.2mm needle set up for really fine grain detail and can also be fitted with a 0.3mm and 0.5mm set up.

Some models have the new larger design nozzle and nozzle cap which can be fitted with 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm and a whopping 0.8mm set up for those larger areas or the quick laying down of base or top coat.


Unlike many other sellers BARTSHARP Airbrush® stocks a large range of airbrush compressor parts, including: pressure sensors and replacement pipes

If you are looking for an airbrush compressor for model kits, airbrush compressor for cakes or warhammer 40k airbrush compressor then we know that you have come to the right place!

If you have got any questions then please use the "Contact Us" form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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