Do I Need An Airbrush Compressor With Or Without An Air Tank?


If you have restricted space or need an Airbrush Compressor which is highly portable then you may wish

to select a model which is not fitted with a tank.

This type of compressor is often called an “on demand” compressor as it is activated when the airbrush trigger is pressed.

The compressor will stop running when the trigger is released. There is no air reservoir which means that the

Airbrush Compressor will run every time the trigger is pressed.


Airbrush Compressor
                                                    BARTSHARP Airbrush Compressor AC01

                BARTSHARP Airbrush Compressor AC01 Kit


The BARTSHARP AC01 Airbrush Compressor is supplied with an air pressure regulator / water trap (AFR 2000) which is used

to set the required air pressure. It provides approximately 23 - 25 litres of air per minute and operates at less than 49db.

The AC01 has a powerful 1/6th horse power fan cooled electric motor which is used to drive an oil-less piston system.



Space Not An Issue?


If space is not an issue then there are benefits to be had from purchasing an Airbrush Compressor with air tank / reservoir.

All of the Airbrush Compressors, within the BARTSHARP range, are “auto start / auto stop which is achieved

through an air pressure sensor.

This means that the compressor will, initially, run to fill the air tank to the required pressure; set by the pressure regulator / water trap (AFR 2000).

The compressor will automatically stop running once the required pressure has been reached and will then

automatically restart when the air pressure drops below a pre-set level.

Similarly the compressor will automatically stop running when the air pressure is back up to the required level.

This feature ensures that your Airbrush Compressor is not always running nor is it always activated

simply whenever the trigger is pressed. The main benefit is that the air tank provides a reserve of air which

reduces wear on your compressor and also provides periods of silent compressed air supply.


BARTSHARP Airbrush Compressors have a built in electric cooling fan. The AC04 model has two fans.



How Do The Compressors Measure Up?


airbrush compressor with tank

Electric Cooling Fan                                                      BARTSHARP Compressor AC02                              BARTSHARP Compressor AC03                            BARTSHARP Compressor AC04



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