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A2 Cutting Mat 3mm 3 Bonded Layers


  • A2 – 60cm x 43cm
  • 3 Bonded Layers
  • Highly Resistant Core
  • Self Healing
  • Printed on Both Sides – 58cm x 43cm
  • Printed 1cm Grid, 5cm Grid, Circles, Hexagonals and Ovals
  • 3mm Thick
  • Non Slip


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A2 Cutting Mat

BARTSHARP Airbrushing A2 Cutting Mat measures 60cm x 45cm and is made from 3 bonded layers of material.

The central core is highly resistant to cuts whilst the outer layers have a “self healing” property.
Both sides of the cutting mat are non slip with different printed areas:

Side one of the cutting mat has:

  • A 1cm printed grid. The printed area measures 58cm x 43cm.

Side two of the cutting mat has:

  • A 5cm printed grid.
  • Printed circles: 1.5mm to 13.5mm (in 0.5mm stages)
  • Printed hexagonals: 1.5mm to 8.0mm (in 0.5mm stages)
  • Printed ovals: 5mm x 3mm - 21mm x 11mm

This A2 cutting mat has a thickness of 3mm and is more robust and durable than many other makes available.


How Does A Self Healing Cutting Mat Work?

A self healing cutting mat is made up of a huge number of individual pieces which have been compressed together to form a solid layer.

When a knife, or other sharp object, is used on the cutting surface the edge passes between the individual pieces that have been compressed together.

Multi layer boards are bonded together using heat and have a white core which is more resistant to sharp objects than the outer layers.


How Do You Store A Self Healing Cutting Mat?

Always try to keep your cutting mat flat, you should avoid rolling it as this will distort it's shape.

Try to avoid keeping your cutting board out of direct sunlight as this may, over time, cause it to become brittle and lose it's self healing qualities.

As with sunlight, try to keep your mat away from extreme temperatures; hot or cold.


How Do You Treat A Self Healing Cutting Mat?

If you need to treat or clean a self healing cutting mat then use a quarter of a cup of white wine vinegar mixed with a gallon of tepid water. If the water is too hot it may warp the mat.

Again, try to keep the mat as flat as possible.

Leave the mat to soak for between 15 to 20 minutes and then, using a firm cloth or soft brush, agitate the surfaces of the board. Be gentle! Scrubbing too hard may remove the printed grids.

Rinse with clean water and remove any excess with a soft cloth.

Allow the mat to dry naturally by placing it on a dry soft cloth. Don't forget to turn it over to allow the side which as been face down to air.


How Do You Straighten A Cutting Mat?

You may need to straighten your cutting mat if you have stored it incorrectly which has resulted in creases or wavy edges which no longer lie flat.

Place the mat on a flat surface (which will not be damaged by heat), cover it with a wet piece of material such as a towel.

Use an iron on a low heat (this part is trial and error depending on the iron but always start off with a cool heat), place it on the wet material and work from the centre out to each edge. This process may take up to 15 minutes as the heat is gradually passed through to the mat.

Once this is completed remove the wet cloth and replace with a dry piece of material. Then place heavy flat items on the material, such as books, and leave for a number of hours.

Remove the books and material and inspect. This process may have to be completed a couple of times depending on how badly out of shape the mat is.

Take care and use a gentle heat!


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