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Airbrush Air Eraser BARTSHARP Airbrush 178


  • Single Variable Action Airbrush Eraser
  • 1.8m Air Hose Included
  • Eraser Pellets Included
  • Mouth & Nose Mask Included
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BARTSHARP Airbrush® 178 Airbrush Air Eraser

The BARTSHARP Airbrush® 178 airbrush air eraser is a pen style, single variable action, gravity top feed airbrush air eraser.
Single variable action, pull back on the trigger for air and pull further back, on the trigger, to release more of the medium.
The BARTSHARP Airbrush 178 airbrush air eraser is also referred to as a mini sandblasting gun or mini abrasive gun.
It uses compressed air to propel small pellets with accuracy and control and is ideal for:

Removing Rust or other Surface Oxidation
Glass Engraving
Cleaning Surfaces of Various Materials
Creating Specialist Weathered Effects in Railway & Scale Modelling Detailed Cleaning of Jewellery
Creating a Matt Surface


Mini Abrasive Sandblasting Gun

An air eraser is sometimes referred to as a mini abrasive sandblasting gun, the 178 comes fitted with a quality 0.5mm needle, nozzle and nozzle cap and a 15ml capacity pellet cup.

It also includes:
150g of Eraser Pellets*
1.8m Air Hose (1/8 BSP Both Ends)
Airbrush Holder
Face Mask**


* We also stock spare pellets
** Use of the engraver creates dust.
We strongly recommend the wearing of the provided face mask and a well ventilated working area. We also suggest that you consider purchasing one of our portable airbrush spray booths to help create the best working environment.


The air inlet is 1/8BSP (approximately 9.35mm) which is the most common size for airbrushes and air hoses.
This airbrush air eraser is recommended for use with air pressure between 30 to 60 psi and is ideal for use with most commonly available compressors.
(Please see our Range Of Airbrush Compressors)


* Nozzles should be fitted so that they are finger tight and then given a further1/8 turn with the nozzle adjust spanner.
They should not be fitted super tight as this may cause the small o ring to be deformed or damaged.

Your BARTSHARP Airbrush 178 Engraver is protected by our 30 day no quibble return policy and a 1 Year Warranty*

*This does not include the needle, and nozzles as these are expected to wear during use.

Why Should You Consider Buying From The BARTSHARP Airbrush® Range?

Having spent many years selling airbrushes we know what our customers really want when they buy an airbrush.....

Quality, Reliability & Value For Money.


We also know that you need readily available spares and accessories which ensures that your airbrush will last for many years and not simply be a throw away item when you can't get replacement parts!

We have taken all that we have learned from our customers over the years and teamed up with a top manufacturer,

highly endorsed by Airbrush Techniques Magazine and world famous airbrush artist ,Chuck Bauman, to create our own brand and extensive range of airbrushes.


You may have noticed that our airbrushes cost a few pounds more than similar airbrushes offered on other websites.
We know that you would expect to pay just a few pounds more to be assured that your airbrush has been sourced from a top manufacturer
and is produced to a higher standard than similarly priced airbrushes.

Our customer service and support is also second to none.


You have undoubtedly spent a great deal of time trawling through all of the other websites and are left wondering which airbrush to choose.
You could spend many more hours looking or simply choose our brand with the knowledge that we have the best airbrushes available in their price range and a customer service that everyone trusts and values.

We are proud to say that our range of some 19 different models of airbrush exceed the levels of quality and performance set by VEDA as we have insisted on higher tolerances.

You will not find a better performing airbrush within its price range.


Once you have purchased your airbrush we will continue to support you by sending you, on request, video links showing you how to overcome issues common to those new to airbrushing.
These include how to set your air pressure, paint ratio mixes, servicing your airbrush etc.


BARTSHARP Airbrush® has a huge stock of all the spare parts you could ever need including;
needles and nozzles through to replacement teflon packing bushes and replacement o ring sets.


Our range of airbrush includes: dual action gravity feed, dual action side gravity feed, dual action siphon feed, airbrush gun, airbrush pistole, airbrush kit (airbrush kit for models, airbrush kit hobby craft), cake airbrush kit and more.


We offer the best range of products for airbrush equipment and airbrush online to ensure that you get the right products, first time.


As you would expect, we also have a huge stock of spares so that you can be assured that your BARTSHARP Airbrush will provide you with years of service and creativity.


Beware other sellers who offer similarly priced airbrushes but offer little to no spares as this makes your purchase as good as a throw away item.


Please Contact Us for free advice regarding any of our products or about what items might right for you if you are just starting out in airbrushing.

We have many advice videos which we will be happy to send you to help you overcome many of the issues faced by those new to airbrushing.


Read more


Are you looking to get started in airbrushing but just don't know where to begin?

We are here to help you with free advice to help you understand the basics, which can be quite overwhelming!

Please take a little time to read through our user guides as these will help you understand how to use an airbrush, how they work and the common words and phrases used to describe them.

Airbrushes And Associated Terminology Explained

A Guide To Airbrushes And Their Particular Applications

Airbrush Paint Guide


Are You Looking For An Airbrush Compressor Or Complete Airbrush Compressor Kit?


BARTSHARP Airbrush® stocks a fantastic range of compressors which are also available as kits which offer great savings.

Please click on the link below (for the main airbrush compressor page) or on one of the images to be taken to that individual model.

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