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Airbrush Air Hose 3m 1/4 BSP – 1/8th BSP Quick Release Coupler


  • 3 Metre Long
  • 1/4BSP Female To 1/8BSP Female Fittings
  • Outer Braiding Of Abrasion Resistant Nylon
  • Fitted Airbrush Quick Disconnect Coupler
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free UK Shipping

*Colour may be black with yellow banding or blue with yellow banding dependent on stock

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Airbrush Air Hose 3 Metre 1/4BSP to 1/8BSP Airbrush Quick Disconnect


A quality 3 metre long airbrush air hose with braided nylon outer coating; resists abrasion wear and prevents kinks.

1/4BSP is approximately 11.75mm in diameter.

1/8BSP is approximately 9.35mm in diameter.


BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and denotes the type and pitch of thread.

BSP is the most common type of thread used in airbrushing.


The 1/4BSP female fitting connects to the 1/4BSP male air outlet on a compressor or air pressure regulator.

The 1/8BSP quick release female fitting connects to the 1/8BSP male air inlet on an airbrush.


The airbrush quick release coupler (sometimes called an airbrush quick disconnect) has a spring loaded collar which, when pulled back, releases a connector which fits on to the airbrush. Air is also automatically shut off.

Reconnecting is a very simple process of pushing the released connector back in to the main body of the coupler. It will snap in to place and is firmly held in place by the spring loaded collar.

The connector part also rotates freely through 360 degrees whilst held in the coupler.


The airbrush quick disconnect system speeds up and simplifies the changing of airbrushes whilst also removing any need to release air held in the compressor air tank.


*Please note that issued airbrush air hose may be black in colour and not as shown in the image - depending on current stock*


BARTSHARP Airbrush® also stocks a fantastic range of Airbrush Air Hose Connectors and Adaptors in many different sizes and configurations.



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Weight.170 kg
Dimensions24 × 15 × 2.5 cm


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