Airbrush Spray Booth Exhaust Hose Kit


· Removes Airborne Contaminants From Work Space

· Main Hose Section – 135cm long

· Rubber Connector

· Spray Booth Connector Plate

· Large Circular Retaining Fastener

· Main Hose End Piece

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Airbrush Spray Booth Exhaust Hose Kit

The Airbrush Spray Booth Exhaust Hose Kit is manufactured in durable black plastic.

It will fit any model in our airbrush spray booth range (HS-E420 range) and will also fit many other makes available on the market.

The kit is made up of five individual parts:

  • Main hose section – 135cm long
  • Rubber connector
  • Spray booth connector plate
  • Large circular retaining fastener
  • Main hose end piece

The main hose section is made using a corrugated type manufacturing process which means that the hose can be fitted around bends and collapses to a reduced length.

The hose is approximately 135 cm when fully extended (not including fittings).

The main hose section pushes into a flexible rubber connector.

The rubber connector (with main hose inserted) pushes onto the spray booth connector plate and is held firmly in position by a large circular retaining fastener.

The spray booth connector plate is fixed to the air outlet vent on the rear of the spray booth. This air outlet has a small raised grill.

Remove this grill and retain the four screws.

Then simply place the connector plate against the air outlet vent and secure in place with the four screws.


The main hose end piece, again, simply pushes onto the main hose. The end piece changes the shape of the hose section from a circle to a thin elongated rectangle.

This allows it to be placed through a window using a very small opening.


Set up of the Airbrush Spray Booth Exhaust Hose Kit takes no more than a few minutes.

The Airbrush Spray Booth Exhaust Hose Kit will greatly assist to remove airborne contaminants from your working environment making it cleaner and safer.

Even water based paints have VOC (volatile organic compounds) which are hazardous to health.

(We advise the use of a quality face mask when spraying paints)

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