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Airbrush Spray Booth Filters – Top Performance


· Washable

· Dual Layer

· 40.5cm x 18.5cm x 3cm

· Maximum Air Flow

· Optimum Performance

· Direct Fit For BARTSHARP Airbrush® Spray Booths

· Fits Many Other Spray Booth Models

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Airbrush Spray Booth Filters

Our Airbrush Spray Booth Filters simply out-performs other filters which are available for the same cost.

The BARTSHARP Airbrush® range of portable airbrush spray booths have been sourced to ensure that they are provide the best performance and represent the exceptional value for money.

We stock a full range of replacement parts to make sure that you won’t be left unable to use your product and to ensure the long life of the item.

Many other suppliers don’t carry spares or replacement parts.


This Airbrush Spray Booth Replacement Filter Foam has been sourced directly from a specialist filter manufacturer and not from a middle man.

We have been able to make sure that our filters are manufactured to the highest standards required.


What’s different about our Airbrush Spray Booth Replacement Filter Foam?

We liaised directly with our Spray Booth manufacturer to obtain the optimum air flow through rates.

We then requested our filter manufacturer to produce a two layer filter, thicker than others available on the market, whilst maintaining the optimum air flow rates.

This gives you the best air flow rates and a 2 layer filter which is as much as 1cm thicker than other similarly priced replacement foams.

We also made sure that the foam is easily compressed to ensure that that the spray booth filter frame casing fits correctly.


The Benefits Of Our Spray Booth Filters

Our Spray booth filters have:

·       2 Layers – easier rinsing through of most contaminated top layer

·       Thicker filter material whilst maintaining optimum air flow

·       Thicker filter material giving an increased surface area which catches more airborne contaminants


Airbrush Spray Booth Replacement Filter Foam is designed to provide a high surface area to catch overspray and airborne contaminants whilst airbrushing.

Even water based paints have VOC (volatile organic compounds) which are a danger to health.

Using an inferior filter may mean that your overspray in not captured; contaminating your working area and exposing a risk to your health.

(We would always recommend the use of a quality face mask)


The replacement filter foams are a direct fit for our complete range of Portable Air Brush Spray Booths.

Changing the filters could not be easier:

·       Remove filter fame casing from the back of the spray booth (simply pulls out)

·       Remove used filter

·       Place new filter in recess area

·       Replace filter frame


Spray Booth Filter Sizes

The filters measure 40.5cm x 18.5cm x 3cm and will fit many other spray booths available on the market.

Our Airbrush Spray Booth Replacement Filter Foam offers better performance at a price that is the same for much lesser performing products.

Our Airbrush Spray Booth Replacement Filter Foam will give you exceptional performance in:

  • Airbrush Model Painting
  • Airbrush Miniatures and Wargaming Figures
  • Airbrush Model Railway Painting
  • Airbrush Cake Decoration

Scale Hangar 182

Dawid Branski is the creator of "Scale Hangar 182" YouTube channel.

He has over 121,000 subscribers which is down to his incredible ability to create fantastic works of scale model art.

We are proud to say that Dawid will only use a BARTSHARP Airbrush® Spray Booth and airbrush spray booth filters because of the level of performance that they provide.

Please click the image below to visit "Scale Hangar 182" and to see the incredible work created by Dawid.

Airbrush Spray Booths

We offer four different styles of airbrush spray booth which provide a cleaner and safer working environment.

The basic model SB01 provides air extraction through the back of the unit whilst the next model SB03 has an air extraction hose and 3 sets of LED lights.

The SB04 has dimmable LED lights, 2 x powerful fans providing 9m3 of air filtration per minute and an increased working area..

Our latest model, SB05, has LED lights and a water curtain to capture overspray. They are also fitted with 3 x powerful fans which can filter up to 11m3 of air per minute

Please click on the images to be taken to the product pages.

Additional information

Weight0.060 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 2.5 cm

x 1, x 3, x 4


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