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Airbrush Spray Booth – Best Performance SB01


· Carry Case Size – 41.5cm x 14.5cm x 19.5cm

· Extended Working Area Size – 42cm wide x 33.5cm deep x 33cm tall (max).

· Less Than 45db

· Massive 4m3 Air Flow

· Removes Airborne Contaminants From Workspace

· Turn Table Included

· UK Mains Adapter Plug

· 1 Year Warranty

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Airbrush Spray Booth

If you haven't got and airbrush spray booth you are probably:

Airbrushing in a room filled with fumes?

Suffering from airborne overspray settling on, and damaging, other items in your room?

Have you tried to solve this problem by creating a cardboard spray box which just isn’t cutting it?



Airbrush Spray Booth


Our Airbrush Spray Booth provides an excellent spraying environment and will prevent airborne over spray damaging other projects and personal items and will also help you to minimise health risks associated with many airbrush paints and other mediums.

(We strongly recommend using a quality face mask)

If you are looking to remove contaminated air from your work room then please view the below model which also includes an air extraction exhaust kit and LED lights:

Airbrush Spray Booth With Exhaust Kit & LED Lights DCLK


How Does An Airbrush Spray Booth Work?

The spray booth has easy to collapse and erect base, sides and canopy which creates a dedicated spraying area.

The unit is powered by a small but powerful electric motor which drives a fan, located at the back of the airbrush spray booth and which, in turn, creates an airflow.

Contaminated air and overspray is drawn, by the airflow, to the back of the spray booth and through the large filter pad.

Overspray is caught on the front surface of the filter pad whilst contaminated air passes through the filter material and is then expelled out of the rear of the unit.



Are all airbrush spray booths the same?


Many of the models available do not have a motor which is powerful enough to pull a sufficient volume of air from the spraying area and through the filter material.

The result of this is that overspray is not removed from your immediate working area, possibly damaging the detail on your project and then passing out into your room to settle on and damage other items.

This will also mean that air, contaminated with airborne particles, is not being drawn away from you or your project.

This can be hazardous to your health as even water based paints have a small amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) which can affect your major organs and general health.

Density and size of filter material is just as important as volume of airflow through the unit as both will affect the performance of the spray booth.


Filter material, which is not deep enough, will have a greatly reduced total surface area which will enable the air to pass through the filter without optimised capture of contaminated air and overspray.

Units without an exhaust kit will simply push contaminated air out of the back of the booth and into the general working environment.

The chances are that any exposed surface may then receive a very fine layer of paint. Your health may also be at risk from re-circulated VOC.

Conversely; filter material which is too dense will have a greatly reduced airflow which makes having a spray booth pretty pointless.

The Answer? Read More

The E420 DC Airbrush Spray Booth


The E420 DC Airbrush Spray Booth pulls a massive 4m3 of air through the filter unit every minute.

The small but powerful motor creates less than 45db which means you won’t be disturbing other family members.

Your spray booth has a pre installed filter which is made up of two layers giving an optimum total thickness (approximately 30mm) and density.

Other suppliers provide filters with a thickness of 20mm. Our filters are approximately 30% thicker and provide a massive surface area, fantastic air flow and ultimate performance.

Our filters can also be rinsed through to remove overspray which will, in turn, increase the life of the filter before it needs replacing.

We also have a huge stock of Replacement Filters manufactured to the same exacting standards.


The E420 DC Portable Airbrush Spray Booth folds away to 41.5cm x 14.5cm x 19.5cm and becomes its own carry case with handle.

When extended and fully set up it provides a workable spraying area of 42cm wide x 33.5cm deep x 33cm tall (max).

The Airbrush Spray Booth has been manufactured for us in stylish and durable black plastic.


This model of airbrush spray booth does NOT come with an air exhaust kit (as with the DCLK and BLK models)

However an Airbrush Spray Booth Exhaust Kit can be fitted at a later time if required.

These are easily fitted by simply offering up the end fitting plate, of the air exhaust kit, to the spray booth air outlet vent and then turning in a clockwise direction.

Grab fittings, within the end plate, attach to the air outlet vent grill to provide a firm hold.


All of our air brush spray booths are supplied with a fully rotating turn table which has a diameter of 19cm.

Ideal for the airbrushing of models, miniatures, war gaming figures and cake decoration.


Our Airbrush Spray Booths have been designed so that two units can be fitted together.

This is a simple process of removing a side panel (push/snap fit) from each spray booth and then connecting the two canopies together (push/snap fit).

This will give you the power of two units and a massive working area of 84cm wide x 33.5cm deep x 33cm tall (max). Ideal for the spraying of larger scale projects.

Double Airbrush Spray Booth
Double Airbrush Spray Booth

Scale Hangar 182

Dawid Branski is the creator of "Scale Hangar 182" YouTube channel.

He has over 126,000 subscribers which is down to his incredible ability to create fantastic works of scale model art.

We are proud to say that Dawid will only use a BARTSHARP Airbrush® Spray Booth and airbrush spray booth filters because of the level of performance that they provide.

Please click the image below to visit "Scale Hangar 182" and to see the incredible work created by Dawid.

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