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BARTSHARP Airbrush 128 Dual Action Siphon Feed


  • Single Variable Action Siphon Feed Airbrush
  • Fitted With 0.35mm Needle / Nozzle
  • 22cc Paint Jar
  • 5cc Paint Cup
  • Full Range Of Spare In Stock
  • One Year Warranty
  • Free UK Shipping

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Why Should You Consider Buying From The BARTSHARP Airbrush® Range?

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BARTSHARP Airbrush® 128


The BARTSHARP Airbrush® 128 is a traditional pen style airbrush with single variable action and siphon feed.

Single variable action: push down on the trigger, for air and pull back, on the trigger, to release paint.


It comes fitted with a quality 0.35mm needle, nozzle and nozzle cap.

This set up is for medium detail spraying and will allow you to create a hair line spray width up to approximately 28mm.

This airbrush comes with a 22cc siphon feed paint jar and 5cc paint cup. Bot push fit into the airbrush.


The 128 airbrush is ideally suited for body and face painting as the larger needle and nozzle size are able to handle slightly thicker mediums.

The simple single variable action mechanism also makes this airbrush one of the simplest to use.


The airbrush air inlet is M5. The air hose, included, is also M5 and a direct fit for the airbrush.

The kit also comes with an air hose adaptor which is 1/4BSp female to M5 male. (Other adaptors are available)

(BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and describes the thread pitch, whilst 1/4 is equal to 11.75mm (approx)


A spare 22cc glass jar, with screw lid, is also included in the kit.



128 Airbrush - Suitability & Paint


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