Mini Air Filter


  • Effectively Filters Air
  • Effectively Traps Water Vapour
  • 1/8BSP Fittings
  • Spring Loaded Pin For Easy Removal Of Captured Water
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Mini Air Filter


A mini air filter is often used in addition to an air pressure regulator filter and is considered as a secondary line of defense to water vapour.

Water vapour, and heat, are produced as byproducts when air is placed through a mechanical process such as compression.

This water vapour may cause paint, or other mediums, to not atomise correctly resulting in tiny pin holes on the surface of the painted object.


An airbrush mini filter may also aid those new to airbrushing as it provides a more comfortable holding position.

The unit has 1/8BSP fittings.

The 1/8BSP female fitting screws on to the 1/8BSP male air inlet of an airbrush. A small inner o ring forms and airtight seal.

The 1/8BSP male fitting screws into the 1/8BSP female fitting of an airbrush.

BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and denoted the type and pitch of thread used.

1/8BSP is equal to approximately 9.35mm and is the most common size to airbrushes, air hoses and other associated items used in airbrushing.


The mini air filter also has a small spring loaded pin which, when pressed, releases any water captured in the clear section of the unit.


Please watch the below video for further details about the mini air filter and how it is fitted to an airbrush.

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