Mini Airbrush Compressor


  • Max 15PSI Low – Medium – High Settings
  •  For Cake Decoration
  •  For Make Up Application
  • Dual Action Gravity Feed Airbrush
  • Fitted With 0.3mm Needle / Nozzle
  • Air Hose Included
  • UK 3 Pin Plug
  • One Year Warranty
  • Free UK Shipping
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Mini Airbrush Compressor


This model of mini airbrush compressor is ideal for the application of makeup, face paint, airbrush body tattoo and cake decoration.

The mini airbrush compressor is oil-free and will not contaminate your paint or colour medium which is essential when spraying makeup, face paints or colour mediums for cake decoration.

This compressor is small, quiet and, for its size, powerful. It provides up to 13 litres of air per minute and has a maximum air pressure of 18PSI. Three power levels: low, medium and high allow a high level of control.

Once turned on the unit will constantly pump. It is recommended to turn the pump off, in between uses, when used with the supplied dual action airbrush.

The mini airbrush compressor is supplied with a 3 pin UK adaptor plug, 1.5 metre latex hose, BARTSHARP Airbrush® 130 dual action gravity feed airbrush and airbrush holder.



Weight: 0.7kg

Dimensions: 132mm x 92mm x 61mm

Power Cable Length: 2 metres

Power Input: 100-250v

Power Output: DC 12v, 1.6amp


BARTSHARP Airbrush® 130


The BARTSHARP Airbrush® 130 is a traditional pen style airbrush with dual action and gravity feed .

Dual action: push down on the trigger for air and pull back, on the trigger, to release paint.


It comes fitted with a quality 0.3mm needle, nozzle and nozzle cap.

This set up is for medium detail spraying and will allow you to create a hair line spray width up to approximately 28mm.

It can also be fitted with a 0.2mm needle/nozzle set for creation of finer lines or for more detailed work.

Alternatively it can also be fitted with a 0.5mm needle/nozzle set which is ideally suited to those wishing to spray slightly thicker mediums or wishing to lay down base coats, top coats or washes.


The BARTSHARP Airbrush® 130 has a 7cc paint cup and is that airbrush which will form the foundation of your airbrushing equipment.

The 130 airbrush is hugely popular for makeup application, face painting, airbrush body tattoo and the cake decoration.


The air inlet is 1/8BSP which is the most regularly used size for airbrushes and air hoses alike.

(BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and describes the thread pitch, whilst 1/8 is equal to 9.35mm (approx)


The BARTSHARP Airbrush® 130 is also fitted with a needle adjust screw.

This is situated on the rear handle and can adjusted to preset how far the needle can be pulled back. This means that lines, of the same thickness, can be created many times.


130 Airbrush - Suitability & Paint


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Additional information

Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions21 × 14 × 14 cm
Mini Airbrush Compressor Colour

Chocolate, Green, Red


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