Review Of BARTSHARP 186 Airbrush And Airbrush Compressor

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Review of BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 And Airbrush Compressor

BARTSHARP Airbrush 186

I’ve been using the BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 and airbrush compressor for about 4 months now, and I’m absolutely blown away by the build quality and ease of use.

I use the kit mostly to decorate chocolate moulds with coloured cocoa butter, so being able to easily take the gun apart and clean or quickly replace the nozzle cap is really important.

BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 Dual Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

The BARTSHARP 186 delivers on this perfectly!

As this is my first airbrush kit, it was a bit of a learning curve getting used to things such as how much to pull the trigger back, but it’s so intuitive and I think I’m getting the hang of it now.

Another issue I faced is making sure the kit itself is at a constant temperature of about 35 degrees C, and that my cocoa butter solution is the right viscosity.

Temperature is so important because the cocoa butter itself is a solid at room temperature, and I don’t want it to set inside the gun as it passes through.

Also if it’s too thick it won’t pass through the nozzle, and too thin and it won’t set properly inside the mould.

I’ve also discovered that the best setup for an even spray is to run the gun with a 0,8mm nozzle tip and 0,3mm needle.

This allows for the thickness of the medium (cocoa butter) and lets it spray evenly and over a larger surface area too.


BARTSHARP Airbrush Compressor

The airbrush compressor is brilliant as well, it maintains a perfect pressure the whole time I’m spraying.

It’s so easy to set up, even on my first go I had it running smoothly in about 5 minutes.

All in all, I can’t fault the kit, it’s brilliant and I look forward to using and learning with it in the future.


BARTSHARP Airbrush Compressor TC80T
BARTSHARP Airbrush Compressor TC80T



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