Airbrush Spray Booth LED Lights SB03

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· Carry Case Size – 41.5cm x 14.5cm x 19.5cm

· Extended Working Area Size – 42cm wide x 33.5cm deep x 33cm tall (max).

· Exhaust Hose Kit

· 3 LED Light Strips

· Less Than 45db

· Massive 4m3 Air Flow

· Removes Airborne Contaminants From Workspace

· Turn Table Included

· UK Mains Adapter Plug

· 1 Year Warranty

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Airbrush Spray Booth LED Lights

If you haven't got an airbrush spray booth with exhaust kit and LED lights then you are probably:

Airbrushing in a room filled with fumes?

Got airborne overspray settling on, and damaging, other items in your room?

Struggling to see the detail on your project?

Have you tried to solve this problem by creating a cardboard spray box which just isn’t cutting it?

The Answer? Read More

The E420 DCLK Airbrush Spray Booth


The E420 DCLK Airbrush Spray Booth pulls a massive 4m3 of air through the filter unit every minute.

The small but powerful motor creates less than 45db which means you won’t be disturbing other family members.

Your spray booth has a pre installed filter which is made up of two layers giving an optimum total thickness (approximately 30mm) and density.

Other suppliers provide filters with a thickness of 20mm. Our filters are approximately 30% thicker and provide a massive surface area, fantastic air flow and ultimate performance.

Our filters can also be rinsed through to remove overspray which will, in turn, increase the life of the filter before it needs replacing.

We also have a huge stock of Replacement Filters manufactured to the same exacting standards.


The E420 DCLK Portable Airbrush Spray Booth folds away to 41.5cm x 14.5cm x 19.5cm and becomes its own carry case with handle.

When extended and fully set up it provides a workable spraying area of 42cm wide x 33.5cm deep x 33cm tall (max).


The Airbrush Spray Booth has been manufactured for us in stylish and durable black plastic.

The Airbrush Spray Booth Exhaust Kit is included and supplied with all necessary fittings.

The hose is highly flexible and can be compressed, for more compact spaces, or extended to approximately 5 1/2 foot.

The kit includes as specifically designed slim end fitting so that the exhaust hose can be vented out of a window with minimum opening.


All of our air brush spray booths are supplied with a fully rotating turn table which has a diameter of 19cm.

Ideal for the airbrushing of models, miniatures, war gaming figures and cake decoration.


Our Airbrush Spray Booths have been designed so that two units can be fitted together.

This is a simple process of removing a side panel (push/snap fit) from each spray booth and then connecting the two canopies together (push/snap fit).

This will give you the power of two units and a massive working area of 84cm wide x 33.5cm deep x 33cm tall (max). Ideal for the spraying of larger scale projects.

Double Airbrush Spray Booth
Double Airbrush Spray Booth

Scale Hangar 182

Dawid Branski is the creator of "Scale Hangar 182" YouTube channel.

He has over 52,000 subscribers which is down to his incredible ability to create fantastic works of scale model art.

We are proud to say that Dawid will only use a BARTSHARP Airbrush® Spray Booth and airbrush spray booth filters because of the level of performance that they provide.

Please click the image below to visit "Scale Hangar 182" and to see the incredible work created by Dawid.

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Weight5.1 kg
Dimensions47 × 28 × 35 cm

x 1, x 2

6 reviews for Airbrush Spray Booth LED Lights SB03

  1. AlexModeling

    Just love this Spray Booth!
    before I used to do my priming and painting on my modeling room and to clean the airbrush I had to point it to the open window to be sure that at least most of the smell and contaminants went outside the room.
    Now with this S+ray Booth, I do the same thing but I can´t even smell the paints, and almost any noise when it’s working, and my health improved 100%… no more antihistaminicS at the end of the day!

    Thank you


  2. Raymond Clark (verified owner)

    New to airbrushing, following advice to use a spray booth found Bartsharp and this booth with led lights, even though out of stock at the time they kept me updated with delivery dates. When in stock it was ordered and arrived the next day, excellent service.

    In use the spray booth is very good, very bright and easy to set up and certainly does the job. Now has separate switch for the led lights if not needed, am extremely pleased with this spray booth.

    For anybody using this booth for the first time, when fitting the extraction hose and connecting the plastic sleeve to the booth with a slight turn, if it’s tight don’t force it, just loosen the screws 1/4 turn to fit.

    Thanks again Bartsharp

  3. GGW LEWIS (verified owner)

    I haven’t tested it in operation yet, and will review this point at a later date.

    Materials were tested and assembled. I have no doubts in reporting this is a sturdy piece of kit, by BARTSHARP, not the flimsy type we see in other places. It is well built, materials are good quality, very easy to assemble. It’s been designed and built to last.

    Exhaust kit is excellent. Good quality plastics throughout, fit well together. How airtight and efficient at expelling contaminated air out is something that will be tested when I test the kit in operation.

    As seen and put together, I highly recommend this paint booth, especially at this price. You will find the same high quality in other places, but expect to pay £300/£400 for the privilege. Buying it from BARTSHARP is a much smarter move… And btw, no… I don’t own shares or have any interests vested in BARTSHARP.

  4. dario.dan85 (verified owner)

    I am very new to airbrushing, I did some research and I’ve found Bartsharp. I placed my order on Monday and received it on Wednesday.
    Alison gave me a call on Tuesday confirming the delivery day a few more things about my purchase.

    Best customer service and quick delivery, 100% you have a new happy customer 😀

    Thank you again Bartsharp 😀

  5. Stefano Salvini (verified owner)

    Ordered yesterday, received this morning at 9.00 am!
    It was perfectly boxed and the package in immaculate state.
    Do not have time to use it today but as soon as I will use it I will send a review. But I am in no doubt that I will be very satisfied s the delivery time was brilliant!
    An excellent way to start with a new customer like myself.

  6. Daniel (verified owner)

    Brilliant little spray booth! It’s no louder than a compressor. The lights are particularly good. Thing you might not consider are that the booth keeps you cool while you work and keeps the fumes out your face while cleaning the airbrush. I’ve only used it once but I love it already!

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