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BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 Dual Action Gravity Feed

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  • Dual Action Gravity Feed Airbrush
  • Fitted With 0.3mm Needle / Nozzle / Nozzle Cap
  • Can Also Be Fitted With 0.2mm & 0.5mm Needle / Nozzle / Nozzle Cap
  • Three Interchangeable Top Feed Paint Cups – 2cc, 5cc & 13cc
  • Micro Air Control Valve
  • Needle Adjust Screw
  • Full Range Of Spare In Stock
  • One Year Warranty
  • Free UK Shipping

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Why Should You Consider Buying A BARTSHARP Airbrush 186?

The BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 is reviewed by AlexModeling (YouTube Sensation with over 50,000 subscribers) in the below video.

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BARTSHARP Airbrush® 186


The BARTSHARP Airbrush® 186 is a pen style dual action, gravity top feed airbrush.

Dual action: push down, on the trigger for air, and pull back, on the trigger, for paint.


The BARTSHARP Airbrush® 186 comes fitted with a 0.3mm needle / nozzle / nozzle cap set.

It can also be fitted with 0.2mm, 0.3mm & 0.5mm needle / nozzle / nozzle cap sets.

186 airbrush dual action airbrush gravity feed airbrush


The BARTSHARP Airbrush® 186 comes with three fully interchangeable cups:

2cc, 5cc (with push fit lid) and 13cc (with push fit lid)

The air inlet is 1/8BSP which is the most regularly used size for airbrushes and air hoses alike.

(BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and describes the thread pitch, whilst 1/8 is equal to 9.35mm (approx)


The 186 Airbrush is also fitted with a:

MAC Valve for fingertip air control of air flow which enables you to create special paint effects.

Needle adjust screw. This is situated on the rear handle and can adjusted to pre-set how far the needle can be pulled back. This means that lines, of the same thickness, can be created many times.


186 Airbrush - Suitability & Paint


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Additional information

Weight.590 kg
Dimensions29 × 15 × 8 cm

4 reviews for BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 Dual Action Gravity Feed

  1. Richard Stephenson

    Richard Stephenson 父

    Just finishing my very first armour kit using the bartsharp 186! For the first time I’ve got an airbrush I can truly trust!!!

  2. Mark Andrews – Sesku & Hemsworth Scale Model Club

  3. Richard Garnham

    Purchased this brush 2 months ago, and although I own 2 H&S brushes, the Infinity and an Evolution, and I can honestly say this brush is a star performer. It is a solid workhorse and a joy to use. Being close to the H&S models (nozzle similarity) it is easy to clean during and after an airbrushing session. Will definitely purchase another one before the years out.

  4. Brian Fraser

    A terrific airbrush which I bought on recommendation from the “Nigel’s Modelling Bench” Youtube channel. This has become my default airbrush as the combination of accuracy and control delivers just what I need. Easy to clean and simple to use at a price point that suits the beginner. As with any airbrush, practice is everything but once you understand the best pressure and consistency combinations, your model painting skills will even amaze your kids.

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